✰ Happy Lollipop ✰


if you have headcanons about my oc you are obligated by law to tell me


What’s one more!?
Good thing Natasha has all these hands to work on Bee and Puppycat!!

Where’s my official Prince Gumball plush????????????????

How do you feel when drawing nsfw?

sometimes i feel worried, because i mess up with the anatomy

what is your favourite word?


it’s cock/penis in spanish, we use it very often, and for everything, but is an insult… idk i’m clear about it, lol

Feel free to ask personal stuff, or photos :D or i dunno

i know i’m not interesting, but i feel like so.

long time without drawing a thing

long time without drawing a thing

My 10 favorite videogames

  • Odin Sphere
  • Professor Layton series
  • Final Fantasy 7
  • Kingdom Hearts 2
  • Pokemon Ruby 
  • Bastion
  • Tales of Symphonia
  • TLoZ: Twilight Princess
  • TES: Skyrim
  • Dota 2

Everybody needs a gif of a happy Natasha!
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I’m opening up commissions now. I’ll pretty much draw anything (Exceptions may apply, depending on if we’re going into hardcore fetish territories.) Just email me at Vanillycake@yahoo.com or note me on tumblr. 

The process goes as follows

  1. Confirmation that i’ll draw it
  2. Half the payment upfront
  3. A very rough sketch will be given until satisfied
  4. I’ll complete it and give you a small preview
  5. Rest of the payment needed
  6. Full picture is sent to commissioner

Paypal is Vanillycake@yahoo.com

That applies for here too