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Hi! I'm having ALOT of trouble trying to find my art style. I like how I draw but everyone just ends up saying I draw "like Adventure time" and tbh I kinda don't like when people say that cause I don't wanna copy! Although I think I draw a kinda "chibi" way but with I guess you can say "adventure time" faces with the small lines and small mouth. When did you discover your art style and how'd you know it was "the one"?

tbh, i think i haven’t find my art style yet…  i drew really really anime-realistc or something, then i ‘copied’ the AT (penn ward) style, after that, i just played with proportions and things i liked, i mean, i don’t think everyone has a trully self made style, everyone has been inspired by someone and that’s ok, know what inspires you and play with that, maybe you like the way someone draws the hands, and other, draws eyes, and then, you find your own way to do these things. 


Deckard in Apron and Jammies
From this fall’s episode premiere.


Deckard in Apron and Jammies

From this fall’s episode premiere.


All my dresses so far

and my bodyline IW replica skirt, who i didn’t pictured here, meh

My dresses! also, good time to promote my other blog, where i reblog tons of stuff and post personal photos and lolita related stuff




If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say

This video had me at “Estás en California, wey. Aprende a hablar español. CABRÓN”. The rest is pretty legit too. My sides hurt.

Jajaja, viviendo diez años en USA les puedo decir que esto es 100% real.

Wow since when this site moderates anything


All my guro/shota draws were deleted 8’(

Random comics or whatever about my life, because i can

1- I’ve bought Fallout 3 because i like it how it looked, now i can’t stop playing it

2- I love these pants, but that pattern in the crotch was too awkward to use it in public

3- I love dota, just sayin.

Heeeyyy, there’s my steam profile, if someone wants to add me


I spend all my time in there, so, i’ll leave this here

I liked you for at but I didn’t know how much you were into lolita! where did you get the bonnet?

Elpress L :D